Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dancing in the Shadow of Walter White

Fabulous left her three legged dog
In a Burbank bomb shelter.
Full of  fleas
Infesting furniture and feeding on
Dying hustles.
The walls were hair metal poems
Of pussy paper
And sharpie bush.
Moth mauled linens,
Yellow with binges and
Cradled unstrung guitars
That once sold millions.
The kitchen was decorated
In three for fifteen
Pepperoni and cheese and
People waited,
Hands wringing,
Teeth clenching,
For the chemistry
Cooking in the camper
Out back.

For a minute, I played in a band that rehearsed in a house where lots of unsavory things happened.  I only saw the aftermath...and was too naive to totally understand just how unsavory until about a year after I'd moved on to other projects.  

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