Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Have Left the Building - Temporarily Anyway

Let's start this word juggernaut off with the simple irrefutable fact of my current life...I am uninspired and officially creatively bored...not only with my own various ventures but the ventures of everyone else too. No offense to those of you still fully engaged with your various creative passions. I'm sure someone will find your song/screenplay/webseries/blog/clothes/jewelry/graphic design/artwork incredible and inspiring and awesome. But it will probably look derivative and lame to me. This has everything to do with me and nothing to do with you. I am quite simply so over all of it. In my current mindset, I equate artistic expression with a manifestation of self-absorption and self-importance...and I need a break. Everything brought to you by so-called (and usually self-described) artists (including myself), overwhelms me in how ultimately unnecessary and unimportant it seems to the world as a whole. I recognize this as an over-generalized reaction to my difficulty making peace with the vast chasm between commerce and art...and to living in Los Angeles, a place that can easily trick the artist into equating mass-marketability with success in their work. But the result is the same...creative burnout.

For this reason...following the fulfillment of current commitments I will be taking a break from all of my own creative ventures. In place of all the time and effort put forth in the maintenance and pursuit of my various music and writing projects, I'm going to search for a teaching job; and I'm going to play golf and spend my leisure time with the people I care about.

When I regain the belief in the value of my own artistic expression, I will get back to creative business. But right now, I feel my talents could be put to more valuable use than trying to intellectually deconstruct the world in words and song.