HI!  I'm Abby and Frock Rocker Rants is my personal blog.

By day I teach college kids to write better; and sometimes I make them read things that interest me but not usually them - things like Patti Smith's Just Kids and Allen Ginsberg's Howl. 

By night I continue doing things that interest me.

Frock Rocker Rants is where I talk about those things I love and think about most...i.e. music, books, culture, gender, art, tv, pop culture, history, cats, mid-century design, and other intellectual nerdery.  In terms of focus, this blog resembles the patterns of my personal brain; in short it has none. My neural circuitry is full of back roads and rural routes; it has few to no highways.  This blog is back roads.

A couple defining characteristics: I'm a proud member of Generation X, a feminist lover of Alice in Chains, a bohemian rocker chick in black on black, a wife to a fellow Gen X bohemian musician, and a momma to two cat sons. 

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