Sunday, August 23, 2015

Echo Bird's Sunset Strip Love Advice

Echo Bird’s drunk again and
Preaching at pitchfork hounds
Who frown at passing glass and
Matching shoes.

Kindness, Echo laments.
It’s missing from your outfits.
How will you draw them in 
All points and angles? 
A softened sternum
Of liquid sugar 
That shatters with
The mildest blink.

This is what they seek
Have you not seen 
In all that looking?
Kindness is the start of
Oscar worthy after dark, but
Over coffee and peach.
Like the girl they never kissed
Unmarred by an end
Not barbs and nails
Draped in daring dresses
And strangled denim.
That ends.
In a guest house.
With a hot plate.
Near the good side of Van Nuys.    
Not cold cement. 
That’s my burning tip.

The glass frowns back at
Fingers combed black 
And the bird’s eyes dry
Down glowing cheeks of gold.

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